This site is dedicated to JBE, a British turntable manufacturer from the late 1970s, which ceased trading in 1982.


I am certainly not a hifi expert, merely an enthusiastic owner of a  turntable about which I can find very little information, made by a company  which I'm sure has a very interesting story!


If you are looking to buy one, they seem to come up for sale on a reasonably regular basis, and you will find some price indications on the Sold page.


If you know more about JBE and can fill in the many gaps and unanswered questions about the company, I'd love to hear from you – please contact me via the links page.


If you own a JBE turntable, I'd love to see some pictures of it and put them on the site here.


Latest updates

Here you'll find links to any new pages I create and anything that has been updated.


12th January 2017 - just created a For Sale page, so if you have a turntable for sale, or are looking for one, here's where to start. You find it with the MORE INFO header above, or follow the link here to see what's available right now. You'll find it HERE

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