Press Reviews

Here are some pdf files made from features sent to me of various JBE reviews etc. Click the button to download the file.

Practical Hifi Sept 79

PRACTICAL HIFI September 1979

This is a brilliant two-page feature on the results of the infamous back to back test of a JBE Series 3 alongside the Linn LP12 and STD 305M, which was organised by JBE at the High Fidelity Show in 1979. The results caused a storm, because almost 80% of those who took part considered the JBE sounded the best. This is a great article about why the results were never given much coverage. My thanks to Alan Cocker for sending me this piece.

HiFi Answers June 81 review


Don't download this article from HiFi Answers if you want a favourable review of the JBE... it gets seriously hammered and causes JBE MD Tom Arnold to respond in spectacular fashion (see next download). My thanks to Paul from HiFi Wigwam for these scans.

Tom Arnold letters

HIFI ANSWERS June 1981/HIFI ANSWERS September 1981

Two utterly spectacular letters from JBE MD Tom Arnold. June 81 refers to the poor review the JBE must have received in an earlier issue. September 81 is a letter with regards a comment made in the classifieds of the June issue (which you'll find at the end of the pdf folder of the feature above). Once again, thanks to Paul from HiFi Wigwam for the articles.

HiFi Choice 1980

HIFI CHOICE 1980 edition

Kindly supplied to me by Haden Boardman, freelance journalist for HiFi News who has writen a JBE feature for the magazine. This 1980 edition of HiFi Choice was compiled either late 1979 or very early 1980. Not a very complimentary review, but interesting stats.

Hifi Answers Nov 80

HIFI ANSWERS November 1980

A couple of good letters in defence of JBE and back-to-back listening tests, one notably at Subjective Audio (see next entry)

Hifi Answers Dec 80

HIFI ANSWERS December 1980

Follow up letter responce from Howard Popeck of Subjective Audio.

Hifi Now Mar 84

HIFI NOW March 1984

JBE is long gone, but this editorial response to a reader letter is interesting.