JBE ????

Oct 2011: Only a month or so after discovering the existence of the JBE 7001, here's another previously unidentified JBE style turntable. Most significantly, it is the first I've seen with obvious links with the FP 2001, which I suspect pre-dates the JBE as a brand. As you can see from the pictures, the links with the FP 2001 are obvious, these being not only the speed selector and two pitch control knobs, but also the platter which, vitally, has the small centre disc which is not designed to accommodate the strobe disc, as per later JBEs.


Where this particular turntable then links more directly with later JBEs is with its  black acrylic plinth, which was always a JBE option, like the clear plinth on my own 3001.


The pictures were supplied by Paulo Colombo from Italy. Paulo tells me, "My family bought it 30 years ago. The seller said it was Gale brand, made in England. The tonearm is not original. It was SME 3009. i mounted on the turntable a Mayware Formula 4 Unipivot tonearm."


As with other early JBE turntables, the exposed Matsushita motor underneath has a label on the side which includes, among other things, a date stamp. For this turntable, Paulo tells me the motor was made in December 1974, one year before the motor on my JBE 3001, and several years before the motor on the JBE 7001 (January 1977). Even if the date stamp doesn't relate to when the turntable was produced, I think it can certainly help in placing the turntables in order. And I doubt the motors were over a year old when fitted.


The one bit on information we can't be sure of is what model derivative this turntable was given (2001, etc) ... oh, and whether it was supplied as as FP ???? or a JBE ????.