JBE 7001

22/8/2011 I have just discovered a brand new model of JBE turntable, thanks to Dutch enthusiast, Roger De Munck pointing me to the seller of a JBE 7001. Turns out that a certain Frank is selling the turntable after his uncle André van der Cingel from Goes, The Netherlands sadly passed away.


So what is it? For starters, I think it's a genuine JBE model, since the 7001 nameplate is identical to the 3001 one on my own. The 7001 has a black acrylic plinth (like the clear one on mine), the same control unit, but the platter is wider to accommodate the Dynavector 505 tone arm. This was always an option for the Series 3.


What makes this 7001 so different from all the other JBEs I've seen is the conventional platter. Below is the same Matsushita motor as used on all other JBEs, but the conventional platter could be of Technics origin, particularly when one understands that Technics was a brand owned by Matsushita (which was itself part of Panasonic) – thanks to Michael Trei for this info. Was the platter fitted at a later date? Perhaps not, because there is an inbuilt strobe light fitted to the plinth. Date stamp on the motor is January 1977.


14/11/12 The mystery is solved, following the supply of a period brochure  (see download page). This is a standard JBE model in a range that I suspect preceded the launch of the slate JBE Series 3. As you may have read elsewhere on the website, JBE's were always available with a conventional platter, as well as the distinctive JBE platter. Apart from the image of a 6001 from the brochure show a turntable fitted with a more conventional platter, this is the only 'real' example I've ever seen. The 7001 model derivative more specifically denotes the wider plinth to accommodate the Dynavector DV505 tonearm, and all 7001 featured the black acrylic plinth.