JBE 3001

These are pictures of my own JBE 3001. As you can see, it features an acrylic plinth and I replaced what I suspect was the original SME 3009 arm with a Helius Scorpio arm in the late '80s. The feet were called Microsorber feet. They are adjustable for height and include a neat damping arrangement. I've been told they were manufactured by a company called Micro and have a tendency to deteriorate on examples that have not been looked after carefully. Watch this if you condider buying any JBE turntable.


I've noticed on some examples of the Series 3 that they come with slightly different 'feet' which are made of metal, with rubber bits at the bottom. I've now seen these on two Series 3s, and I suspect they're an upgrade developed by the factory for the last examples made. Once again, only my hypothesis!


14/11/12 Following the supply of a period JBE brochure, I can now be much clearer about the origins of my turntable. The 3001 was just one of six different model variants from JBE at a period before the launch of the slate based Series 3. I've outlined the differences for each of these models within the individual model sections.

Here's a brochure picture which shows the JBE 3001 with

Mayware Formula 4 tonearm.