This turntable was owned by a friend of mine and was bought from the same shop where I bought my JBE 3001. Because of the platter design it was easy to assume that it was an earlier JBE model. Remarkably, he still owned the turntable many years later and, having just converted his albums to digital, he very kindly donated it to me (cheers Chris)!


Apart from the distinctive JBE-style platter, his is completely different. There is no JBE identification at all. Instead, the turntable is called an FP2001. Until recently, I could find no reference for this model online anywhere, but I became increasingly of the opinion that was not a JBE but an earlier model produced by another company, which may have been bought by Janorhurst/JBE. This proved to be the case, when Richard Dane contacted me in 2013. Richard owns another FP2001 and has not only an original brochure, but also a number of other cuttings from various magazines of the time.


FP stands for Freelance Plastic Company and the company was based in Epsom, Surrey.


The FP2001 I now have uses a sheet metal plinth (perhaps no more than 2mm thick)  with folded over edges to give it the impression of depth. Plywood is bonded inside to the underside. Four tall feet locate the plinth, with a rubber/spring mechanism at the top giving some isolation from the work surface and also the wood veneer case below it which hides the direct drive motor and speed control wiring etc. Unlike the JBE, all the controls are housed on the plinth, where on the JBE they are contained within a separate control box.  


The FP brochure and advert supplied by Richard Dale suggest the company marketed the FP2001 with a Rosewood veneered plinth, while there was the option of a green marble plinth too. To confuse matters further, Richard also has adverts from two other companies, apparently marketing exactly the same product as their own! All are being marketed at the same time, being 1975-1976.


Accoustico Enterprises Limited (of Feltham in Middlesex) would sell you the AEL-LAB 2000. It was essentially identical to the FP, and offered with a gunmetal plinth (as per my FP2001), an acrylic plinth or the marble plinth.


Direct Designs (of Crawley in Surrey) was marketing the DRS1 and DRS3 in 1976. From the images, the complete plinth/base is now one unit, made of Teak veneer. It has the distinctive FP2001 onboard controls, but the JBE style platter is gone, replaced instead with a conventional platter on the DRS1 and three massive discs on the DRS3. Interestingly, the advert mentions Microsorber feet, as found in the later JBEs.