Environmental Sound

Environmental Sound is still something of a mystery to me, being apparently in production from 1978 to 1982, effectively the same period as JBE. The turntable looks very JBE-ish. The platter is obviously very similar yet, intriguingly, the black acrylic base of the platter is wider than the FP2001 and both JBE variants (it comes out beyond the aluminium discs). That said, the smaller central disc is very, very similar in style to the FP2001. The plinth is a black laminate.


The speaker range is extensive, expensive and... bizarre!

My thanks to Richard Marshall for sending me some excellent pictures of his highly unusual Environment Sound turntable. It was bought by his father in the 1980s and Richard would like to get a new dust cover made for it. If anyone has any suggestions, perhaps they could email me and I'll pass them on. Typically, his turntable has an SME 3009 tonearm, but otherwise Richard knows little about the model. He has recently replaced the rather basic feet with some new ones, as shown.

Steve Walton sent me this image he took in the 1970s, for his friend Mark Lythgoe who was at the time working with John Bryant. Steve was asked to take this promotional picture for Environmental Sound's stand at an upcoming London trade exhibition. Steve also tells me that the cylindrical plastic speakers were made using Habitat waste bins which he was told formed an ideal acoustic cabinet!